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"Engineering Geology is the science devoted to the investigation, study and solution of the engineering and environmental problems which may arise as the result of the interaction between geology and the works and activities of man as well as to the prediction and of the development of measures for prevention or remediation of geological hazards." (IAEG statutes, 1992).

Established in 1963

  Engineering Group Annual Conference CPD Day Programme 2019


Thursday 11th April 2019


 Lloyd Room, Christ’s College, Cambridge


Andrew Bond, Geocentrix Ltd

  • The role of the ground model in the 2nd generation of Eurocode 7
  • A second generation of Eurocodes are being prepared for publication within the next 3-4 years. A key addition to Eurocode 7 will be the introduction of ‘the Ground Model’. This presentation will discuss what role the Ground Model will play in geotechnical design across Europe going forwards.


Dr Andy Hart, Atkins, member of the SNC-Lavalin Group


Steve Thorpe, British Geological Survey

  • BGS datasets and the Dig-To-Share project
  • BGS holds numerous datasets, and in various formats. This session will explore the most commonly used, and explain how to extract the information that could be vital to your ground investigation. There will also be a discussion on the BGS’ push for more collaboration with industry, and the drive to absorb more data through the latest initiative ‘Dig-To-Share’, a project aimed at unlocking ground information and making it available to all.


Judith Nathanail, Land Quality Management Ltd





Engineering Group Annual Conference Programme 2019



Thursday 11th April 2019


Tracey Radford, Chair of the Engineering Group - Welcome address


Prof John Harrison – Developing the Ground Model for Rock Engineering



Friday 12th April 2019


Skipper, J. – The Elephant in the Room – how can we communicate ground risk to stakeholders? [Lead Presenter]


Parry, S., Baynes, F. and Novotny, J. - Conceptual Engineering Geological Models


Murphy, W. - Time-dependent conceptual models: how the evolution of slopes affects stability


Privett K. - The conceptual model for a rockfall risk assessment - a case history


Kenny, R. - Blaencwm Landslide 30 Years of Monitoring


Cooke, J. – Bridging the Risk Communication Gap with Ground Models [Lead Presenter]


Collings, A. - Developing the Ground Model for the Luton Airport New Terminal Building


Curran, T., Deakin, R. - On the development of a ground model set within a complex and variable sequence of superficial deposits using a variety of specialist ground investigation techniques in Hull, UK


Powell, C. Hallas, A.J., Thompson, B.C. Complex ground models: a case study from the A1 Birtley to Coalhouse scheme


de Freitas, M. – Aspects of Ground Models in need of attention [Lead Presenter]


Davis, J. Geotechnical Baseline Report - Ground models you can just make up?


Morgan, T., Edgar, J., Scoular, J., Ghail, R., Lawrence, J. Developing a regional ground model of London to minimise site-scale uncertainty


Ting, C., Gilson, B., Black, M. 3D ground modelling to inform Crossrail 2 tunnel alignment and station development


Thomas, E. – Remote Sensing in the Development of Ground Models [Lead Presenter]


Wright, D. - Ground Modelling in a connected and changing digital world


Eady, H., Coleman, C., Conlon, M. Increasing the accuracy of ground models in complex terranes


Waring, D., Lee, M., Fookes, P. - The Use of Engineering Terrain Evaluation for Developing a Ground Model in a Hyper-arid desert, Eastern Arabia.



Conference Keynote by Lord Robert Mair - Innovative monitoring for validating and understanding ground models


Saturday 13th April 2019


Conference Keynote by Iain Stewart - Faulty Communications: trials and tribulations of engaging with Joe Public


Field trip handout - Aspects of the glacial and periglacial history of Southern Britain (Simon Price / Dave Giles)








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